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5 Things I Love for Friday #59

Posted: March 2nd, 2007 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off

Why is it that the office is no where near as cool as grade school ever was? No, I don’t miss the inescapable smell of pencil shavings and bleach. Or the homework. But some of the random-as-hell-yet-entralling moments are gone. Maybe it’s just my place of employment. Oh, here’s this week’s FTILFF:

  1. Sunny morning commutes – For the majority of the year, when I leave for work the sun isn’t up. This is depressing. But this morning, dawn was already in progress, and for once it wasn’t raining. My commute was happy and hopeful as opposed to depressing and dreary. A refreshing way to start the day indeed.
  2. How a lotto winner spent his money – I usually find the content that CNN puts out rather deplorable, but this was a shockingly upbeat article about a 2005 Powerball winner who has actually made the best of his winnings. Giving your nephew your new Jetta to buy a used, older Jetta? Good for you. Oh yea, and that philanthropic stuff too. This is the way to do it.
  3. (LESS) campaign – By now everyone has likely heard of the (RED) campaign. I do applaud companies like the Gap for donating proceeds of purchases to charities. But like the newly formed LESS campaign, the idea that you have to buy their stuff to donate seems stupid. Great campaign. Great idea and execution.
  4. Sonic Impact T-amp – An amplifier that’s $30? Most people who are into audio would likely punch you in the nose or else laugh at you as they stroll over to hug their Krell or Nad equipment. But a toy this is not. Using digital (chip) instead of analog (resistors) to produce sound, this thing kicks all sorts of ass. The Wife™ got me one for Christmas, after two years of yearning. I’ve never heard more spot-on imaging or clarity from any other equipment I’ve owned. For short-range low/medium-low level listening, you simply can’t beat this thing. And it’s not much bigger than my iPod, which is cool.
  5. Fern Wallpaper – I’ll go ahead and say it: I hate wallpaper like I hate colonoscopies–I may never have had them myself, but I know there’s no acceptable place for them in anyone’s life. However, this paper (or wall stickers) is strikingly beautiful. If you’re a fan of the Pier One look (or West Elm et all), these are for you. I could see some of this being used sparingly in our guest bedroom. And that’s the first and last time you’ll hear me speak well of wallpaper. [via]

Seriously though, life was more exciting and unpredictable then. When I was in eighth grade, some poor girl peed herself during an English diagramming lesson. Or during that math final the husky kid broke his desk and cried. And how many times did someone just projectile vomit for no apparent reason? Every day held a potential for something more outrageous and exciting My meetings and never-ending days at work would provide a lot more amusement if adults did this kinda stuff, though I don’t wish the humiliation on anyone. (I didn’t say I wouldn’t laugh, though.)

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