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5 Things I Love for Friday #78

Posted: July 27th, 2007 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off

Looking back on high school, I have a deep sense of regret, mostly for how the collective student body treated the teachers. In particular, my sophomore chemistry professor (a lovable, brilliant, seemingly senile Jesuit) was taken advantage of far too often. There were times when students would abuse his lack of eyesight by eating right on their desks because they were far enough past his depth of focus. There were instances where all thirty of us moved out desks (noisily so, I might add) to the top tier of the classroom during a lights-out movie. Our sixteen year old hijinks knew no boundaries of decency for these individuals who sacrificed to teach our bratty little selves day in and day out.

  1. The alternative version of the “You Can’t Tell Us Nothin’” video – I would be surprised if there is anyone with an internet connection that hasn’t seen this yet. Hilarious music video for a (kind of) new Kanye West single directed by and staring Zach Galifianakis. Apparently they met through a mutual friend, Kanye asked if he wanted to do a video and Zach decided to shoot it that weekend on his farm. Good song too.
  2. Gigantic cupcake-cake mold – I have yet to find someone that doesn’t like cupcakes. I think they hold a special place in most people’s hearts because of their connection to childhood. This cake mold allows you to make a full cake that looks, duh, like a giganto cupcake.
  3. Behind the scenes of Sprint’s new “Dreams” commercial – It’s odd how something so analogue can seem so high tech. The skill and artistry of the lighting artists is fantastic. While I have yet to see it on TV, it looks like an incredibly fresh idea.
  4. “Version” by Mark Ronson – This guy is getting a lot of press these days. High-profile producer/DJ/histper/wunderboy Ronson released this album recently. I was skeptical at best because of his celebrity status, but after hearing it I think it’s genius. Full of horns and solid drums, it’s a fun, funky album of remakes that churns (largely) British pop songs through a Motownish grinder. A fun summer album whether you’re in the club or knocking out designs on a sunny day.
  5. Comprehensive table comparison of the presidential candidates’ positions – Even though the election is still a year away and the field is jam-packed with robot overlords candidates, this is a highly informative way to start of the research. Sure there are a few key topics that I wish were listed, but a great resource nonetheless. [via]

And while I feel as if I should write apology letters to most of them now, from my not-so-wise age of 27, I can’t help but chuckle. I hope even they themselves got a kick out a few of our pranks. Lord knows that over a decade later my friends still laugh uncontrollably when retelling the “Fr. Sweeny’s pants caught on fire and he neither knew nor cared” story. The older I get, the more fantastic my early years seem to me.

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