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A Lovely Day for a Full-Contact Wedding

Posted: July 30th, 2007 | Author: Brian | Filed under: Life in General | Comments Off

“You know how the two of us are escorting the grandmothers up the aisle?”
“Yea, what of it? We just practiced that. Don’t tell me you forget how to walk in a simple line already.”
“Was your lady angry? ‘Cuz the one that I was assigned to was muttering something under her breath in Spanish the entire time.”
“Maybe that’s because she doesn’t speak a lick of English. Ever think of that?”
“All I know is that if she says tonto to me one more time she’s going to regret it.”

“Tonto means ‘idiot’ in Spanish, Brian.”
“Oh. Yea, then that’s justification for a broken hip.”

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