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5 Things I Love for Friday #108

Posted: March 28th, 2008 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off

Wow. Total suckage on posting this week. Please accept my most sincere apologies, Internet.

  1. Why Can’t Adam Duritz Get Any Respect? – Nice article about Counting Crows’ frontman. I will forever hold dear August and Everything After, and therefore don’t hate Duritz as much as most people do. He seems cool. I’d have a beer with him.
  2. TripIt – Traveling and have plane, rental car and hotel details? Simply forward your confirmation emails and TripIt aggregates it all for you, with bonus data. Cool idea. (be sure to catch the demo videos.)
  3. “Bush’s War” on PBS – Peeved that I missed it on the teevee, Kottke graciously linked to it this week and it reminded me I could watch it all online. I’ve only made it through a few chapters, but whooo. A doozy.
  4. Having a life while I still can – With the baby on the way, we did it up big last night. I watched basketball. At a bar. Past 9pm. And then came home and watched (part of) another game. That’s right, who’s a wuss now, Andrew?!
  5. “Royal Flush” by Big Boi of Outkast – My stats will be skewed this week. I’ve had it on blast for five days.

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