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5 Things I Love for Friday #116

Posted: May 23rd, 2008 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off
  • Invitations – I have a secret love for invitation design. The one thing I miss so dearly working in The Hyperspace is the lack of the tactile component. Design*Sponge has a nice profile of some particularly awesome designs. Almost makes me want to go through the hell of doing my wedding invitations again. Maybe.
  • Trailer for American TeenBreakfast Club was a great movie. I am a sucker, and tend to be intrigued by any re-hashing of it. This movie in particular looks to have promise. [via]
  • Buddy Rich is a badass – I admit that most Stereogum stuff passes through my feed reader untouched these days. But I caught this piece that highlighted the skills of Buddy Rich. Anyone who can play the drums like that and have a stroke without blinking (video #1) is a grade-A badass in my book. Playing a drum-off with Animal from the Muppets (video #2) just puts you over the top.
  • Playing Frisbee with the dog – While Jonas may still be one gigantic pain in the ass, we’ve come to find that we both really enjoy playing Frisbee in the evenings. In fact, one might even go as far as to say he lives for it. He’s rather impressive in how quickly he’s taken to it, and I enjoy seeing how happy it makes him. I just need to remember to stop playing at a certain point, because he really does just keep going until he pukes. So overeager.
  • The story of the real Indiana Jones – An oddly compelling, rather short read about the inspiration for the film character. A bit more Nazi than what wound up in Hollywood, but still an intriguing read. Makes you wonder if people this, err, driven? Obsessed? Still operate today in the circles of archeology.

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