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5 Things I Love for Friday #117

Posted: May 30th, 2008 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off
  1. Demo of Google’s Android platform [video] – Seems cool, but becomes infinitely cooler at the end of the video when they demo Street View for Google Maps. Worth a watch just for that alone.
  2. Laser-etched skateboards – Laser etching must be all the rage these days. First Moleskins and laptop lids and now skateboards. You’ve got to admit that there’s some stunning work here. I’d never do a single grind or rail slide on something this beautiful.
  3. Trek Soho S – I’ve never been much into bikes, but I’ve been looking towards alternative commuting solutions lately (to solve my $10+ per day problem) and came across this bike. Blacked-out, single-speed fixie. Sad that I could buy it new for less than two months’ worth of gas commuting to work. And Jonas could ride in a sidecar with aviator goggles and a scarf. Sweet.
  4. Ira Glass on Storytelling (#3) [video] – In this short clip, the host of This American Life touches on how makers/creatives cultivate taste and trudge through the wasteland of years leading up to truly creative work. I’ve never heard someone articulate this so perfectly. Hopefully I’ll get there soon.
  5. Mapping the Human ‘Diseasome’ – Nice example of (mildly) interactive infographics presenting a vast amount of data. Interesting topic too. Helps the medically-dumb get a wider view of some of these genetic similarities.

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