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5 Things I Love for Friday #213

Posted: September 2nd, 2011 | Author: Brian | Filed under: 5 Things I Love for Friday | Comments Off
  1. The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight – They don’t make social psych experiments like they used to. Fascinating read (from a consistently enjoyable site) about human bonding and mental bias.
  2. Mute Watch – Touchscreen-meets-chronograph in this minimalistic watch.
  3. Ring Watch concept – Speaking of watches, even though this one doesn’t exist yet I dig the fresh concept.
  4. Gorgeous astronomy timelapse photoshop behind the scenes – Taking long exposure photographs at night can yield some breathtaking results. Taking timelapse night shots while moving the rig and then animating them together to make a film of the Sierra Nevada region? Well, watch the video to find out.
  5. The Mission to Get Bin Laden – New Yorker article that I have no idea where the reporter gets his facts, but still an enjoyable read nonetheless

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